Pizza Care, Family-Owned, Pittsburgh Grown

About Us

Pizza Care is an independent, family-owned and operated pizza restaurant in Downtown Pittsburgh. Our mission is to earn the hearts of people by offering the best Italian food selections. With every bite of our food, we want to bring joy, love, care, warmth, and community to your homes.

Our menu offers a wide selection of food to meet different tastes and needs of our valued customers. From traditional pizzas and hoagies to whole wheat and gluten free options, we genuinely care. To keep the highest quality, we source from the best vendors and prepare everything in house daily: fresh dough, pizza sauce, meat products, signature wing sauces, and much more. Our goal is to bring delicious, healthy, and affordable food to your table.

We greatly appreciate the incredible support from our community and will not stop our mission of earning your hearts.



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+381 065 666 6666