About us

If you wonder what is special about us: we are not just a typical, traditional, old style pizza shop. We are a new start of the Healthy Pizza Shops making plans, dreams and ideas “REAL”. Our aim is to make healthy pizzas affordable and convenient to our community.
Pizza Care offers several crusts for healthy food lovers: traditional white (unbleached, not bromated), whole wheat, multi whole grain and gluten free. Multi grain crust is a result of our long lasting hard work, comprising wheat, barley, rye, oats, millet, corn, sesame seeds and flaxseed. All crusts offer a pack of essential nutrients supporting our idea of a healthy food.
Healthier ingredients and better nutritional value – but at the same time “Food with a Great Taste” is what we want to offer. We have substituted a number of substances that could cause a harm to your health:
Boost your digestive and immune system.
No sugar in our products, instead our crusts and sauces are enriched with prebiotic agave fiber which optimizes digestion, improves absorption and strengthens immunity.
All natural part skim mozzarella.
Enjoy the rich taste of mozzarella – all natural, reduced calories.
Exclusively olive oil.
All pizza crusts and our unique garlic sauce are enriched with olive oil offering you powerful health benefits: lowering your risk of heart decease and cancer.
Low sodium levels.
We exclusively use sea salt in moderation in all of our products.
Wheat options.
In addition to a wheat crust for pizas, wheat options are available for pastas, hoagies and wraps. Enjoy the full benefits of wheat.
Let us be part of your Healthy Life!